3rd September 2015 
Phone or personal face to face consultation (20 mins) FREE

Initial Consultation and Acupuncture (up to 90 mins) 50

(Includes an in-depth case history; diagnosis; treatment plan including lifestyle and dietary advice; plus an Acupuncture treatment)

Follow-up Consultation and Acupuncture (60 mins) 40
(Review of progress; diagnosis and treatment plan; plus an Acupuncture treatment)
Combined Acupuncture/Reflexology treatments, which are tailored to individual needs are also provided at this price (see www.janetbrownreflexology.co.uk)

All diagnosis will be in Chinese Medicine terminology and I do not prescribe medicines or herbs.

Please note that treatment plans which are best tailored to the individual needs (such as those listed below) may be subject to payment plans and/or discounts:
  • Breech presentation in pregnancy

  • Stop-smoking support - 75 for three sessions

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture - prices start at 75 for a 60-90 minute treatment

  • Pregnancy & Delivery support - either Acupuncture or Acupressure
  • Treatment Charges #01